A Doomsday Demolition is an event that anybody can run for their league or survivalist friends. The challenge is similar to that of a Trilogy Challenge or an MVP Circuit.

The concept is that you will TD an event where each player must use two or three Doomsday Discs to play all of the holes at the event. It's best suited for beginner to intermediate courses, but harder courses can be an enticing challenge.

Players receive the discs in their players pack and and use only those discs to battle it out to see who is the Demolition Champion.

However, the Doomsday Demolition is very flexible, and you, as the TD, may run the event in any way you see fit.

If you are a tournament director that would like to host a Doomsday Demolition tournament, you're in the right place! Running a Doomsday Demolition is simple. You simply purchase the players packs right here on this page, and then get players to sign up for your event. You can even sign people up before you get the players packs as long as you order the players packs in time.

The players packs are sold at a very affordable price, so that you can charge any amount for your players to register. You can make a little money off of the event, or pass the savings onto the players, the choice is yours.

Once we receive your order, we will ship it out as quickly as possible, but you should order a minimum of 10 days before the event to be safe!

The minimum number of packs that can be purchased is 15. If you already ordered 15 and need to add a couple of more, please email thebunker@doomsdaydiscs.com.

The discs provided will come with whatever stamp we're using at the time. Some discs will have a Doomsday Demolition stamp made for these events, and some discs may have stock stamps.

Simply click the disc-combo below to choose which discs you want.

Remember, PLEASE order no later than 10 days BEFORE the event so that you get the discs on time!

Doomsday Discs Demolition – Player Packs for Tournament Directors


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