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Flat Earth Midrange

(5 customer reviews)

The Flat Earth is a midrange that is approved by the PDGA for use in sanctioned events. The Flat Earth is a straight-flying midrange with a slimmer profile and a small micro-bead at the bottom of the rim. The plastic type is called Abduction (as named by Team Doomsday) and resembles a slightly grippier, opaque “star” plastic. The plastic is “finger-printy” as some would call it, so it is not advised to use this disc during any criminal activities.

The Flat Earth is the first disc in the “Conspiracy Line,” so this plastic and manufacturer is different than any Doomsday Discs seen so far. All disc weights are around 175-177G. Disc weights are unmarked at this time. Future runs will be marked.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brian Phillips
A nice midrange,

This is a ice midrange just not for my bag. I picked one up a while back had a pop top to it, and it's fairly straight to understable with a nice amount of glide.. however the rim and over all mold just doesn't feel right to me, so I'm going to put it in a tote and try it again later on.. but like I said it's a nice mid that most people/ beginner should have to throw to help develop your game.

I like it

Feels good. Has good movement. Happy with my buy.

Point and shoot

Very workable disc. It holds whatever line you throw it on and I find it very comfortable in hand. We need this in a premium champion like plastic and I would bag a beat in Abduction plastic Flat Earth and a Flat Earth in a stiffer Champion like plastic and be covered for quite a few shots.

Joseph Redding

It was hard finding information about this disc. I could not find a side profile view. The youtube video reviews are all beginners who are bad at disc golf. However, I like the flat earth stamp so... I purchased two, one white one blue. They seem to be made of a slightly different plastic blend. The white one is a little stiffer and has just a small/normal amount of flashing, but it also has a slightly different shaped top with a higher dome and a raised line almost like a thumbtrack around the edge. The blue one is softer and oily/fingerprinty with a lot of flashing, but the top of the disc looks better with no raised "thumbtrack" around the edge. Weird.
They feel kinda deep and on the slow side of midranges. Feels kind of like a Fuse or domey beadless Roc. I threw the blue one a few times (after I sanded it for 20 minutes and wiped it down with alcohol). It flies pretty good to about 250 feet. Released on a hyzer it will flip up and turn, go straight and fade a little. The soft plastic kinda distorts and feels weird when throwing with power grip or over 250' power. The feel of the plastic improved after getting it dirty. Overall, a decent midrange. However, I will probably use a Bleak, Meteor, or Claymore for this type of shot.

Kyle Zarnoch

This one surprised me! Can handle power, holds a great straight line with gentle finish. Durable, flexible unique plastic blend that's rubber like and has great grip.

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