What to do when the dollar collapses?

It will happen sooner than later.

With the federal reserve pumping money into the economy, reckless government spending, and the loss of status as the worlds reserve currency; the US Dollar will soon collapse.

The good news is that Doomsday Discs will still be in operation until the grid goes down.

In addition to accepting USD credit cards, we now accept crypto currency including: Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC, Litecoin, Dai, and Bitcoin Cash.

Buy Discs with Crypto

Once the grid goes down, crypto currency will become worthless. It will be easier to fetch your disc from the bottom of an ice cold lake than it will be to exchange crypto without internet. Liquidate your crypto assets for physical Doomsday Discs — the currency of the future.

To buy with crypto, simply checkout with your Coinbase account or make payment by QR code using another crypto app.

Shop Doomsday Discs here.


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