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Team Doomsday

In case you’re confused…we are fully aware that disc golf is not a team sport. It’s an individual sport, but we want to spread awareness of the end of times, and our discs too.

Team Doomsday is inclusive to all. Anyone who desires to survive can participate. To us, it doesn’t matter how well you throw a disc or how good you look in a Doomsday Discs polo. If you have a desire to represent us, you can join our team and contribute to the vision and destiny of our company.

There are perks and benefits to joining the team and contributing to our cause. As with any survivalist society, the more you contribute, the greater your benefits will be.

After joining the team, you will receive secret instructions with how to interact with other team members and be part of the Doomsday Democracy.

Requirements to be on Team Doomsday:

  • A passion for disc golf.
  • A desire to survive the apocalypse, or at least to go down throwing.

Perks of Being on Team Doomsday:

  • Really cool Doomsday T-Shirt.
  • First Run Team Doomsday Stamped Disc (Currently the “Blackout” which was previously known as Catastrophic Line Proto #3)
  • Part of our secret mailing list that gives you extra discounts and potentially free stuff.
  • Get to contribute with company decisions including disc designs and naming.
  • Personal promo code that will give you and your friends discounts and earn you free stuff.
  • Access to team stamps, apparel, and other items only available to team members.

Free Stuff

While anyone who desires can be on the Doomsday Prepper Team, only those who survive the reaping will continually get free gear and be upgraded to our Survivor Team. To be a survivor we want to see:

  • Activity in your local disc golf community
  • Online presence and posting. Be sure to use #DoomsdayDiscs and #TeamDoomsday hashtags
  • Interaction with our instagramtwitter and discord accounts.

Year End Bonus

  • At the end of the calendar year, team members will receive an end of year bonus. The more your individual coupon code is used, the bigger your year end bonus will be. This bonus will be in the form of gift cards, free product, and potentially even cash for the teams biggest contributors.

Can I throw other brands of discs if I am on Team Doomsday?

We don’t care. If you like your Doomsday Discs best throw them. If you don’t like them don’t. Once the grid goes down there will be no governing bodies. It won’t matter what you throw, what matters is that you are prepared to go down throwing.

Assuming the postal system is still functioning, team packs will be mailed out and team member discount codes distributed within one week of your order.

Join the Team – Get your Prepper Pack Here!

Team Doomsday Discs

Survival Team

Our original applicants were carefully selected to join the team. They possess a special skillset and have unparalleled knowledge regarding the upcoming Doomsday and the importance of disc golf as pertains to it. These survival team members receive special privileges and benefits and have been instrumental in the development of and naming our discs and disc lines.

In order to protect the true identity of our team so that they don’t get tracked by the Illuminatti or Walmart, we are using their chosen Team Doomsday names. These are the members of the first Team Doomsday:

  • Anti-Nikko aka Quickest shot in the Midwest
  • Shep the Slinger
  • Mando Murderer
  • Hyzer Wolf
  • Compost in Training
  • Capt. Griff
  • Corvid
  • The Wanderer
  • Zombiemaster
  • Major Bonez
  • Squadron Ace
  • Grim
  • The Bogey Man
  • Banging chains
  • TC
  • Dream Crusher
  • Disc Bomber
  • Killer Rabbit
  • Roby 1 Kinobi
  • Glutton for Pun-ishment
  • Eschaton
  • Disc Ripper
  • Jacked Rabbit
  • Death Putt
  • The AnnihilACEtion
  • Spartan1
  • Plastic Birdie
  • Acid Rainbow
  • 50 feet Pete
  • King Slayer
  • Lone Operator
  • Tree Slasher
  • The Ghost of Plastic
  • El Oso Grande
  • The Unknown Quantity
  • Disc Sheriff of West Texas
  • BC Zeus
  • Boba Putt
  • Disckiller
  • Solo Wolf Pack
  • Slys n Dys
  • Understable Basketcase
  • Baron 2Putt
  • Hand cannon
  • Coach Krusher
  • Tommy Hawk
  • Reverend
  • Mr. Southpaw
  • Sage Merlin
  • Captain Goat
  • SmellyCrackOfDoom
  • Amigeddon
  • Fallout Angel
  • Mad Lefty
  • Obi
  • Willimitus
  • Warpath
  • Doc
  • Doctor Disc
  • Squid
  • Lone Ranger
  • Midrange Money
  • Captain Goat
  • Disc Medic
  • Mandalorian540
  • The Inevitable
  • Tummy
  • Rift Trip
  • DBiggs
  • Dark Sparrow
  • Juiced Disc
  • Flicktorious
  • Wild Behemoth
  • The Savage Heir
  • Disctopian Republic
  • Disctroyer
  • The Bald Bomber
  • Lt. Bomber
  • Conspiracy Nerd
  • Kotskii
  • Coach Carnage
  • The Sniper
  • Sky
  • Lucky Sniper
  • The Wonderer
  • Arclight
  • Rapture Sidearm
  • The_weazel
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