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Prepper Team Pack


By purchasing this pack you are officially committing to Team Doomsday. Be sure to read all of the details below first!

Choose Your Team Doomsday Handle. This will also be the coupon code you will use for discounts on future orders and to share with your friends. For your safety in the apocalyptical world, you may not want to use your legal given name.

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This pack includes essential items required for our “Prepper Team”– A Doomsday Discs Team Shirt and a Team Doomsday stamped disc. We’ve also made a larger Prepper Deluxe Pack if you want to kick things off with four discs and your shirt for a great price.

Requirements to be on Team Doomsday:

  • A passion for disc golf.
  • A desire to survive the apocalypse, or at least to go down throwing.

Perks of Being on Team Doomsday:

  • Really cool Doomsday T-Shirt
  • Team Doomsday stamped discs to get your started as a representative on the course
  • Part of our secret mailing list that gives you extra discounts and Doomsday news
  • Get to contribute with company decisions including disc designs, disc naming, and flight number evaluation
  • Personal promo code that will give you and your friends discounts while rewarding your with a year-end credit
  • Access to team stamps, apparel, and other items only available to team members.

Free Stuff

While anyone who desires can be on the Doomsday Prepper Team, only those who survive the reaping will continually get free gear and be upgraded to our “Survivor Team.” To be a survivor we want to see one or more of the following:

  • Activity in your local disc golf community, especially by running Doomsday Demolition events for your local disc golfers to discover the brand.
  • Participation on social media likeĀ Instagram and Twitter but especially on our Doomsday Discord Server.
  • Active sharing of your Team Doomsday promo code to encourage shopping on our website, bringing in new players and fellow Team Doomsday members.

Year End Bonus

  • At the end of the calendar year, team members will receive an end of year bonus. The more your individual coupon code is used, the bigger your year end bonus will be. This bonus will be in the form of gift cards which can give you anything from a discount to a pile of free merchandise, depending on how much your promo code was used.

Can I throw other brands of discs if I am on Team Doomsday?

We don’t care. If you like your Doomsday Discs best throw them. If you don’t like them don’t. Once the grid goes down there will be no governing bodies. It won’t matter what you throw, what matters is that you are prepared to go down throwing.

Assuming the postal system is still functioning, team packs will be mailed out and team member discount codes distributed within one week of your order.

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Single Team Disc, Four Team Discs


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