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To join Team Doomsday, the process is simple. Make sure you can follow the requirements, review all of the perks, and simply purchase the Prepper Team Pack (at the bottom of this page).

By purchasing this pack you'll get an awesome t-shirt, a team stamped disc(s), and official membership on Team Doomsday.

You must choose your Team Doomsday Handle when you purchase the Prepper Pack. This Handle becomes two things: Your name among other Team Members & Your personal discount code that will save you 10% on all future orders. 

Assuming the postal system is still functioning, team packs will be mailed out and team member discount codes distributed within one week of your order.

To join Team Doomsday, you need two things:

  1. A passion for disc golf.
  2. A desire to survive the apocalypse, or at least to go down throwing.

With these qualities, you'll fit right in with our team and embrace the challenge of disc golf in the face of the world's end.

  • You'll get a sick Doomsday Discs T-Shirt.
  • Exclusive Team Doomsday stamped discs to kickstart your journey as our representative on the course.
  • Membership in our secret mailing list, granting you access to extra discounts and insider Doomsday news.
  • The opportunity to have a say in company decisions, from disc designs to naming and flight number evaluations.
  • Your very own promo code, offering a 10% discount to you and your friends, with a year-end credit as a reward.
  • Access to unique team stamps, apparel, and other items exclusively available to team members.

While anyone who desires can be on the Doomsday Prepper Team, only those who survive the reaping will continually be upgraded to our “Survivor Team.”

The Survivor Team will receive new discs upon release for free & be upgraded to a higher status on the Team Doomsday Discord.

To be a survivor we want to see one or more of the following:

  • Activity in your local disc golf community, especially by running Doomsday Demolition events for your local disc golfers to discover the brand.
  • Participation on social media like Instagram and Twitter but especially on our Doomsday Discord Server.
  • Active sharing of your Team Doomsday promo code to encourage shopping on our website, bringing in new players and fellow Team Doomsday members.

At the end of the calendar year, team members will receive an end of year bonus. The more your individual coupon code is used, the bigger your year end bonus will be. This bonus will be in the form of gift cards which can give you anything from a discount to a pile of free merchandise, depending on how much your promo code was used.

We don’t care. If you like your Doomsday Discs best throw them. If you don’t like them don’t. Once the grid goes down there will be no governing bodies. It won’t matter what you throw, what matters is that you are prepared to go down throwing.

Whether you're prepared to buy the Prepper Team Pack or not, one thing is certain—you should join our Doomsday Discs Community. The Doomsday Discs Discord is a bustling hub, teeming with hundreds of like-minded individuals—passionate disc golfers who embrace the Doomsday vibe.

Come, introduce yourself, and become a part of something greater, forging connections until the fateful day the internet succumbs to the apocalypse. Embrace the camaraderie, and together, we shall navigate the post-apocalyptic disc golf world with unyielding spirit.

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Prepper Team Pack


Choose Your Team Doomsday Handle. This will also be the coupon code you will use for discounts on future orders and to share with your friends. For your safety in the apocalyptical world, you may not want to use your legal given name.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Daymon Ward
Love em all

Love the stamps and color mixes. I love being the “guy in the Doomsday stuff” on the course. No furry cute animals. All Plague all the way!!!

Keep it up Doomsday. Til the bitter end.

Thomas Ramsbottom


Matthew Nickel
Awesome stuff.

The discs all looked great with the team stamp and the random aspect makes it interesting. They fly awesome, the shirts nice quality and the over all cost is really good for what you get.

Sweet disc!

Mine came with a Lockdown. It has become one of my favorites! Join the team. Do it.


Shirt is comfortable to wear ad play in, disc flies awesome, lockdown is a great disc

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