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Doomsday Discs that were PDGA Approved in 2023

Doomsday Discs pressed forward with fervor in 2023, knowing the each passing day brings us closer to the end of civilization as we know it. We want to built a healthy arsenal of disc choices for the survivors that will play the devastated landscapes of the near future. Here are the discs that were PDGA Approved in 2023:

Doomsday DiscsSolar Death RayDec 26, 2023
Doomsday DiscsRotOct 23, 2023
Doomsday DiscsApocalypseOct 23, 2023
Doomsday DiscsProximity MineOct 23, 2023
Doomsday DiscsCrisisSep 18, 2023
Doomsday DiscsGloomAug 28, 2023
Doomsday DiscsFamineAug 7, 2023
Doomsday DiscsScavengerAug 7, 2023
Doomsday DiscsArea 51Aug 7, 2023
Doomsday DiscsLockdownJul 31, 2023
Doomsday DiscsWastelandJul 31, 2023
Doomsday DiscsBunker BusterJul 31, 2023
Doomsday DiscsDepth ChargeApr 17, 2023
Doomsday DiscsDesolationApr 17, 2023

The Solar Death Ray driver is the most recently announced with PDGA approval to end the 2024 year (probably final week of December). It’s a unique driver with grip grooves on the top (similar to patterns on dog discs for teeth to hold the disc). We wanted to make something very different to end a very busy year.

Of those PDGA approved discs on the list, there are 5 putt-and-approach discs, with the ROT and Gloom being more traditional (a beaded and a beadless entry), while the Area 51, Depth Charge, and Proximity Mine are more focused on approach throws. There are also 4 more traditional midrange discs and 5 drivers, including the oversized Bunker Buster (approved up to 200 grams) and the super-overstable distance driver, the Apocalypse.

Some of those discs have not been released to the public yet, but are in the plans for release in early 2024. We’ve still got a lot of surprises up our sleeves for the new year. We don’t know how long the year will last, but if it makes it through all 365 days, then maybe we’ll have close to another baker’s dozen discs approved once again.

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