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Kids are Preppers Too

During the conversations that have taken place on the Doomsday Discord server, it came to our attention that a lot of members of Team Doomsday, and a lot of prepper-minded folks, and a lot of people with an apocalyptic aesthetic have kids. Or, they simply are grown children themselves and love the idea of a lighter, younger side of the doomsday lifestyle. After all, if the end is coming soon, even at our doorstep, then embrace life while you still can and enjoy it. Plus, if you have children, you’ll want them to flaunt their fashion and firm grasp on the inventible dystopia that is their future.

So, we proudly introduce our partner site aimed at the younger generation…


Brought to you by a join effort of Team Doomsday members and business anarchists, BIOHAZARD and DR. DEATH, this new site features a collection of apparel that is tied to the Doomsday Discs aesthetic, but primarily with a kid-friendly approach. Doomsday Diapers introduces the “four friends of the Apocalypse” as fun characters that will become available on apparel and in other ways:


Plus, they found a friend, the MAMMOTH, who was unfrozen from the polar ice caps during the cataclysmic events of the doomsday. Your kids should love the characters and the fun products available on the website right away.


Actually, there are no diapers currently for sale at the moment. However, there are talks of having true “prepper” diapers made if there is a demand. The diapers would feature a print of all the “friends of the apocalypse” but would be reusable cloth diapers. During any emergency or disaster, society will not have easy access to disposable diapers, nor would it be practical to carry them around just to throw them away. Thus, the website would offer high quality reusable diapers that can be easy washed, with snap fasteners to fit all sizes, allowing the babies to keep using the diapers as they grow.

Even without diapers, the name just has a perfect ring too it. Doomsday Diapers…We have what you need when the 💩 hits the fan.

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