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Is Your Heart Burning? Happy Valentine’s Doomsday

Flaming Heart Stamps

Happy Valentine’s Doomsday! This year for Valentine’s (or Singles Awareness Day), we are releasing the ‘Flaming Heart’ stamp on several molds! First we’ll give you the list of available molds for the stamp – and if you stick around, we’ll give you some tips for finding love in the apocalypse!

Flaming Heart Stamp:

Now, in case you need some tips for future Valentine’s Days…

Finding Love in the Apocalypse

In the midst of chaos and the crumbling pillars of civilization, you might find yourself pondering the eternal question: “Is love still possible when every day feels like a struggle for survival?” The answer, dear heart-struck wanderers, is a resounding yes. Here’s how to find love in the apocalypse, blending seriousness with a sprinkle of humor because, let’s face it, if you can’t laugh at the apocalypse, what can you laugh at?

1. Share Your Rations, Share Your Heart

Nothing says “I love you” like the last can of beans in your bunker. Sharing resources is the first step toward building trust and affection. It’s the little things that count, like offering the bigger half of your protein bar or that last precious sip of filtered rainwater. These gestures say, “I care about your survival almost as much as my own.” Almost.

2. Bond Over a Round of Apocalyptic Disc Golf

Believe it or not, disc golf remains a beacon of hope and normalcy in a world turned upside down. Setting up an impromptu course in the ruins of civilization can not only be a thrilling pastime but also a fantastic way to meet other survivors. Those who can find joy in hurling a disc through the desolate landscape likely share your resilience and optimism. Plus, a partner who doesn’t get frustrated when their disc lands in a zone overrun by zombies is a keeper. Disc golf in the apocalypse isn’t just about sport; it’s a testament to human spirit and a unique way to find someone who shares your determination (and your love for the game).

3. Communication is Key (Even When Cell Towers are Down)

The art of conversation has never been more critical. With no social media to stalk and no text messages to overanalyze, getting to know someone means actual, real-life talking. Share stories of your pre-apocalypse hobbies, dreams, and favorite canned foods. Finding someone who laughs at your jokes about the lack of toilet paper and agrees that canned peaches are a delicacy is a sign you’re on the right track.

4. Develop a Survival Skill That Makes You Irresistible

Being handy with a makeshift weapon or knowing how to purify water can make you a hot commodity in the apocalypse. It’s the perfect time to flaunt your ability to start a fire without matches or your extensive knowledge of edible plants. Being indispensable for survival can make you incredibly attractive. Just remember, humility is key — nobody likes a show-off, even if they can spear a fish from fifty yards away.


Finding love in the apocalypse may require a bit of creativity and a lot of resilience, but it’s far from impossible. Remember, the end of the world doesn’t mean the end of romance — it just means you have to work a bit harder to find someone with whom to share the apocalypse’s quiet moments, canned delicacies, and perhaps a round or two of disc golf among the ruins. After all, love is what keeps us human, even when the world seems anything but.

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