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Black Market Dealer Pack

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There’s more than one way to get discs out to the players. We’re happy to help the members of Team Doomsday make a few bucks through the Black Market Dealer pack. Not a store owner? That’s fine. Don’t have a fancy trailer and pop-up tent? Not needed. Don’t have a fancy website? Fine with us. All you need is a box of discs and a trench coat and you’re good to go.

This Black Market Dealer Pack has an assortment of 24 discs from the Doomsday Discs lineup. It will be a mash-up of whatever is currently in stock, but will definitely include a variety of models and plastic types so that you have a lot to offer to the would-be customers of your shadow economy. You’ll be getting the discs at a good deal so that you can mark them up and still give your clandestine clients a deal.

NOTE:  Disc selection will vary from box to box based on current inventory. There will be multiples of some discs in order to boost your inventory levels. Only one box per order so we can monitor the disc supply.


Availability: 20 in stock

Customer Reviews

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Richard Crummett
Follow me.

Do as I do.
If there are 2 of you, get this box.
If you are 4, get this box.
I don’t know if the discs are “better”.
The box is big.
I’d buy a 36 pack - if they offered it.
I have another foursome that needs gear.

Trevor Simpson
Great bang for buck!

This pack is awesome! It completed my bag and then some! The stamps and discs included were all diverse and can fit any skill level!

Bob Miller

I bought this with the intent to sell and make a little scratch. I ended up dyeing those discs in survival or isolation plastic . Those dyed discs ended up being sold to vets on my team. All in all, great price for the discs.

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