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Blackout in Landfill Plastic (Recycled)


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At the end of each run in the Catastrophic Line, we’re going to pull together all of the waste plastic that would normally go to the landfill, grind it up and make it into discs. They usually come out black or military green, since they’re a mix of all the colors in the run. This recycled material may result in very minor flaws in the disc, but we’re going to stamp them with the Doomsday X-Out stamp (or other stamps if we feel like it) and make them available to you. Often they end up flying with slightly more overstable characteristics. Mostly, we’re just happy to reuse this plastic so it doesn’t end up going to waste.

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X-Out Stamp 166-169 Grams, X-Out Stamp 170-172 Grams, X-Out Stamp 173-176 Grams


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