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Blackout in Landfill Plastic (Recycled)

Landfill plastic is recycled / regrind plastic that would normally go to the landfill, but we’re pulling it together to make more discs in order to keep the plastic flying.  These discs sometimes have pinkish-reddish colors, but we also get a lot of military green because of the colors that blend together from the different recycled plastic sources. So, you can expect less color variety, but definitely some cool, solid discs in Landfill plastic. The Blackout is a great target for Landfill plastic because the different runs can have different stability for different uses on the course.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
The best mold ever…. (Even better?)

This plastic is top notch. If you have ever thrown and discs from clash and love that super premium feel… then get one of these. Feels so good.

Kenneth L. Blackwood
Blackout (recycled) disc

While the Stamp design is Great the overall quality of this disc is Poor. There are Divots ; Blemishes and Waves in/on the bottom of this disc. The performance of the disc Must be affected. I Will Not purchase this disc again. Sincerely, Ken B.

Great looking, great feeling disc

And this this also can bomb. This is one that can go in anyone's bag. Straight a long way with maybe a hint of fade.

Don Ellesin
Best disc ever!

Love the Blackout! Shoots perfectly straight for me with very little fade if any. Will hold it's line on a anhizer. My go to disc.

Sean Dungan
Buy it

You can't go wrong with the Blackout. It's great for all players no matter the skill level plus buying it in Landfill plastic means you are helping the environment by keeping discs that would normally end up in a landfill out of it.

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