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Depth Charge in Collapse Plastic

The Depth Charge is an altered version of the original Land Mine. In order to run such a disc in premium plastic, the rim had to be narrowed so that it wouldn’t be too heavy for its size. The Depth Charge flies almost identical to a Land Mine, perhaps with even more torque resistance. The Collapse plastic is very flexible and can be folded. This makes the disc very useful for sticking where it lands. But it is not a rubber disc like other flexible discs– it is premium plastic, making it long-lasting in rugged conditions. The flight plate may be wavy in this run because of the very flexible nature of the plastic, but that will not negatively effect the flight. These disc weight 177+ grams (most averaging around 180 grams).


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Owen Smith
very fun disc

a more overstable disc than you’d expect. the plastic is so floppy but the disc still holds the hyzer and fades hard. no skip, just a small bounce.

Josh Marcella
Reliable disc

I love the flight of the disc. The plastic is exactly like it sounds. Super super soft anyways. Definitely like how it feels In my hands compared to the landmine.

It's going to be nice when they come out with this in some other plastics. It will be my go-to approach disc.

Tyler H
What a goofy disc

It definitely feels strange in the hand, and the "Collapse" plastic is accurate because of how soft it is. That said, it's still quite durable and works great if you're trying to get somewhere and not overshoot. This hits the ground and stops quick. It works pretty well for short forehand flick shots as well as standard backhand shots. I tried putting with it a couple times and it wasn't for me, but it easily found other uses and stays in the bag.

A true stay-put approach disc

This has quickly become my go-to approach disc. The floppy cousin of the Landmine, the Depth Charge is another deep-dish style putter that provides a predictable flight with minimal glide and a slight fade. It is a little odd to grip due to the texture and mold shape (at least for me), but I am still able to manage a consistent release. This disc is quite soft, which means about the only possible ground action it would have is rolling; the skips are minimal to none. If you need an accurate, point-and-shoot disc that has minimal to no ground action and stays put, this is the disc you need.

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