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The Munitions Line
The Catastrophic Line

Whatever causes the Doomsday, one thing will be for sure– it will be catastrophic. We would like to dedicate this line of discs to the survivors. Though it probably sounds more altruistic and honorable to dedicate a line of discs to the fallen, it’s not like the dead can throw discs anyway. So, these are for you, survivors! May they fly true for as long as you are around to throw them!

8 / 5 / -2 / 1

The Blackout is a slightly understable fairway driver. It is the kind of disc that can be handled by players at all levels, earning a spot in any prepper's tactical bag. A team stamped version of the Blackout is available when ordering a Team Pack.


The Plague is a long-distance bomber that will help you reach every corner of the course. It's got just a touch of turn, but will reliably fade out. The Plague will spread throughout the disc golf world, and given time, will infect every corner of the market. There’s no escaping it.

12 / 5 / -1 / 2.5

The Famine (originally Prototype #2) is an understable distance driver. The Famine will go great distances to ensure total annihilation. You can't control the Famine, you can only roll with it.

12 / 5 / -3 / 1

The Pestilence is a very understable distance driver. It has a wide rim (thus high-speed) but is understable enough that players without high arm speed will be able to get great distance without a premature fade. It's a high-speed disc for low-speed arms. Plus, when the hurricane force tailwinds kick in, you'll need a good distance option. Just don' t throw it into vicious headwinds or it may flip into another dimension.

13 / 6 / -4 / 1