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The Land Mine – A Very Unique Approach Disc

The Land Mine was originally being called “The Can Lid” while in development with the manufacturer. However, the name was changed by the members of Team Doomsday through discussions on the Doomsday Discs Discord Server. That is where it was eventually dubbed the LAND MINE. It is a putt-and-approach disc in the Munitions Line (also named by Team Doomsday). The Munitions Line is supposed to be a more experimental line of discs that can act like secret weapons for utility purposes on the course.

While it is possible that some of the discs in the Munitions Line may not end up being PDGA approved, due to their experimental nature, we will definitely send them in for consideration. We are very excited to announce that the Land Mine was approved by the PDGA for use in sanctioned tournaments as of June 27th, 2022.

The Land Mine is very unique because of its boxy, squared rim design and very blunt edge. The rim is thicker than most putters which also gives it a unique feel. Despite its unique rim design and unsettling appearance, it performs very well on the course with a straight flight, moderate end-fade, and a short glide that makes it appear to drop to the ground earlier than expected. That makes it very easy to land in a precise position on the course while avoiding overthrows or unwanted visits to OB lines. We feel like the Land Mine will not only grab attention when it comes out of the bag, but it will contribute positively to your game.

In addition, the Land Mine also fills a spot in your prepping arsenal, doubling as a lid to keep bugs out of your water supply, or a dish in which you can eat the soup that you make from scavenged ingredients. You’ll undoubtedly find several uses for your Land Mine besides just as a disc golf secret weapon.

The Land Mine is currently available in Weapons Grade firm, baseline plastic. It is a stiff blend, but since it is an affordable baseline plastic, it can get dinged up when colliding with solid objects, including repeated rendezvous with the chains. But alas, that’s the way of putters. Most putters have rounded rims to deflect some of those grinding chains, but the Land Mine does not, so it will show some wear after regular use. But we will keep the price low so that you can stock-pile as needed. Plus, we’re still developing new plastic blends for this line, including a much softer version that will allow the disc to be more flexible and absorb collisions. Plus we haven’t given up hope on a premium plastic. Our previous attempts with premium plastics resulted in heavy discs, but now we know that the PDGA has approved the Land Mine up to the weight of 182.6 grams, due to its large diameter. That means that heavier might not be a bad thing, as long as we can get it “down” to 182 grams. Heaven knows that a heavy-weight Land Mine is ultimately the dream of every disc golfer and doomsday survivor.

— Go down throwing.

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