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The Munitions Line
The Munitions Line

This is a special line of discs with extreme utility function and experimental design. They may or may not be easy to throw, but they will definitely look and feel unique as you use them to survive the desolate landscapes of the future. They may or may not be approved by the PDGA, or any governing body for that matter, but they just might get you out of a tough spot at the appropriate, unsanctioned moment.

Ridiculously Overstable Midrange
5 / 2 / 0 / 5

Sometimes you need a disc that is so overstable that it tilts and finishes vertical, no matter how you throw it. You can throw the FRAG both forehand and backhand and it will fade hard and fall hard on an extremely steep angle. Or you can overhand the disc if you like experiencing a false sense of power and control. For extra glide, throw it upside-down. To clear a trench, close your eyes and throw in the general direction of the hole.

Land Mine
Ultra-Blunt Putter
3 / 2 / 0 / 2

The Land Mine is the only putter you’ll need, particularly if it is the only putter you have. It has a very blunt rim and could double as both a utility putter and a dish to hold your cold squirrel stew. While leaving a few Land Mines strategically spaced around your campground might help frighten unwanted visitors, in reality they won’t accomplish much more than tripping intruders.

WMD (Weapon of Max Distance)
Mega-Highspeed Driver (Not PDGA Approved)
16 / 3 / -2 / 2

The WMD (also called the “Dinner Plate” in friendly company) is a weapon of maximum distance. The WMD has a rim that is too wide for the PDGA to approve, due to the unfair advantage it gives to players with throwing arms like gorillas and hands as big as baseball mitts. But fortunately, it is not too overstable for the rest of us, so we can flex our malnourished muscles and tell our friends that we’re throwing an illegal disc and dare them to stop us.

Bunker Buster (Prototype)
Oversized Fairway Driver (Not PDGA Approved)
7 / 4 / -2 / 2

The Bunker Buster is an experimental disc that asks the question, "if we CAN make a large diameter disc AND have it with a shallow, fairway driver rim, then why NOT?" With a diameter that dwarfs any other fairway driver on the market, and a weight up to 200 grams, the Bunker Buster can add a whole new dimension to your game, and a few minor craters in your course's turf.

Depth Charge (coming soon)
The Premium Plastic Companion to the Land Mine Ultra Blunt Putter