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In the relentless march towards our inevitable demise, we must acknowledge that there exist fleeting opportunities to extend our dalliance with disc golf, if only for a short while. The paramount decree for your continued existence lies in your choice of dwelling – the apex refuge in the ultimate community.

If, by some cruel twist of fate, you find yourself among the living, heed these words: it is not too late to stake your claim upon a Doomsday Bunker within this unparalleled community and its unparalleled haven.

In the bleak tableau of our world’s unraveling, there stands the Vivos Point Community, a bastion of hope where the flames of survival endure. This sanctuary, strategically situated within a 24-hour drive from nearly every corner of the United States, beckons those who seek refuge and a chance to defy the cataclysms that threaten our very existence.

Elevated to a commanding 3,800 feet above the chaos below, this haven in the heart of South Dakota remains unyielding, far removed from the reach of surging waters and positioned a resolute 100 miles from the nearest known military nuclear targets. It stands as a testament to our determination to endure, to persevere when others falter, and to keep the flickering flame of hope alive.

As you step into this sanctuary, the Vivos security team, with eyes that pierce the desolation, can spot any intruder from a harrowing 3-mile radius. With just one road in and out, this refuge remains impervious to the chaos beyond, a sanctuary hidden amidst the turmoil.

Private and secure, these 575 bunkers are arranged along 100 miles of secluded roads, a testament to our resilience and determination. They offer not only protection but also privacy, providing you with the space to shelter 10 to 24 individuals along with the essential provisions needed to endure the apocalypse for over a year.

With nearly 2,200 square feet of living space, each bunker stands as a beacon of hope. Its elliptical design, reinforced by solid concrete and steel blast doors, defies the forces that threaten to engulf our world. These subterranean sanctuaries are not just fortresses; they are our last stand.

Sheltered beneath substantial earthen berms, each bunker remains separated from its counterpart by 400 feet in every direction, a testament to our unwavering commitment to your survival. The elliptical form not only counters surface blast waves but also shields against radioactive fallout, as the world crumbles outside.

And amidst this realm of endurance, as the world succumbs to chaos, survivors in Vivos Point Community will find solace even in the apocalyptic storm. For within these fortified walls, where hope is a prized currency, disc golf shall be more than just a sport; it shall be a testament to our indomitable spirit. As the dust settles and civilization crumbles, survivors shall play disc golf, an enduring symbol of our resilience, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, the human spirit prevails.

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