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Looking for a Doomsday Vehicle?

To have a vehicle that can survive the apocalypse is quite an achievement. A lot of people these days will DIY their own. But for all the preppers with money burning a hole in their pocket here are three vehicles that will get the job done right.

The Rezvani Tank Military Edition

On its second gen, the Rezvani Tank Military Edition a good choice for the apocalypse as it comes stock with a lot of options. For example, it features EMP protection, underside explosive protection, gas masks, military run flat tires, and thermal night vision to name a few features. It has an optional choice for a dodge demon motor. In other words, it’s a great apocalypse vehicle and it’s made in America..

Karlmann King

Here’s a luxury choice for you. With a design based off the F-117 stealth fighter, the Karlmann King a sleek looking vehicle. In the back it has a pure marble floor, not to mention the TV and fridge. It also has a starry ceiling and a drink bar, of all things. Talk about being luxurious living during the inevitable doomsday. Be forewarned though, it’s quite expensive with a $1.8 mil price tag, and they are made to order in Italy.

Russian SHERP

Running on diesel fuel, the Russian SHERP is a beast. Its website says it has an eco-friendly engine and can scale any obstacle. It also claims that its gradeability is 35. The two models available is the Centaur and the SHERP Pro. This amphibious vehicle red-lines at 25mph and it crawls over water at 4mph, so hopefully you don’ have to outrun anything too destructive. You can also get a trailer for both models (which can also go on water). Their Headquarters are in Ukraine, so nobody knows the exact turnaround time on an order for one of these monsters.

Don’t get me wrong– when the Doomsday comes there is nothing we can do to help or prevent it. This information is only meant to get you thinking, in case you have money to spend after bailing out of all your cryptocurrency before computers and internets are obsolete. There are a few things with which you can get prepped, and a vehicle is an important one, so when the Doomsday does come, you’ll at least be ready with a specialized vehicle at your side. Make sure that it has plenty of room for discs so that when the earth becomes a wasteland, you can still reap what you throw!

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