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New Apparel for the End of Times

We were as surprised as anybody when 2023 rolled around and most of the world was still here. Yes, there were some wars, natural disasters, and definitely plenty of pestilences in the world, but for the most part, humanity still maintains a firm foothold on this fragile little blue dot. So, we’ll embrace this extra time and make the most of it with a slew of new Doomsday Discs apparel to dress up for the disc golf course of today and the desolate landscapes of the future.

The Doomsday Discs apparel that is now found on our website is made up of a couple different types:

  • Items that we get manufactured in bulk and have on hand in our own warehouse bunker
  • Items that are made on demand when ordered

Let’s take a look at the details for both.


Some items, like the ultra-comfortable Doomsday Beanie, the Doomsday Bucket Hat, or the Doomsday Toxic Waste Blackout Shirt are made in bulk so we can get a variety on hand. The plusses on these bulk runs is that the shipping is fast, and the price is typically lower. These are usually items that we put additional planning into and want to have on hand to use as event prizes as well. While there won’t be quite as many of these bulk-manufactured items, due to the investment it takes to get a bunch in stock, we feel like they’ll have more of a personal touch.

You can usually tell on our website if it is an item that we have in bulk if the price is lower and we have a Doomsday model standing in a wasteland, rather than a generic model on a white background.


The other kind of apparel we have is from a print-on-demand service. When you order any of these apparel items, it is custom made in the design and size that you choose. The advantage for Doomsday Discs is that we can add a very large selection of these items to our website quickly, since we don’t actually have to bulk manufacture them. Thus we get an instant variety of apparel, from hats, to tees, to hoodies, and more. We could probably not afford to make a bulk batch of things like women’s leggings or skirts, but with made-on-demand, we can offer them for the handful of team members who may want them.

When these items are ordered, you will typically have a wait time of an extra 7-10 days because the item must be made before it is shipped out to you. That’s the down-side, the longer wait, and the slightly higher price since they aren’t made in bulk. You can tell which items are print-on-demand because they typically have a more generic model on a white background.


With these new apparel additions to the Doomsday Discs website, you can better represent the brand while out in the wild. Whether wearing a made-on-demand hoodie or sporting an inexpensive, official Team Doomsday tee-shirt, you’ll be able to show the disc golf world that you are part of one of the coolest brands in disc golf, and that you’re ready for The End to arrive.


We are also working at the headquarters in the bunker to integrate a plugin onto our website that will allow Team Doomsday members to offer their own, special creations for sale. We’ve seen some fun apparel and swag creations posted on the Doomsday Discord Server and we definitely don’t mind having Doomsday Discs items sold in an open market from one person to another. After all, we consider our brand to be run primarily by our team, so if they want to make patches, pins, sleeves, or any other great Doomsday Discs items and offer them for sale to one another, then that’s awesome. We want to help facilitate that open market on our website, making it easier for anybody to place orders and obtain those individually designed and produced items. We hope to see this update in the near future.

Enjoy the new swag, while you still can…

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