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The End Has Not Come…Yet

It’s been a long winter. Though it’s April right now, for many people in the northern lands, it’s still a rough winter. Once the snow melts, a lot of folks may be needing waders on the disc golf course. But we look ahead, never knowing when the crazy people of the world or the wrath of mother nature will end civilization as we know it. So, until that fateful moment, here’s the latest from Doomsday Discs…


We ended the 2022 year with some plans for new discs that were needed in our lineup. Many of those disc designs were chosen by our Team Doomsday players who enthusiastically share their feedback and requests on the DOOMSDAY DISCS DISCORD SERVER. One of the new molds was even contributed by a member of the team who wanted a unique approach / midrange to add to our Munitions Line. Here’s a look at some of those discs that were planned and put into different stages of production through the winter season:

  • SCOPE – This is an approach mid with a very interesting rim configuration that was modeled by a member of Team Doomsday. We expect this disc to be released sometime this spring. The test shots from the mold were already sent to the PDGA and were approved. This disc will be part of the Munitions Line.
  • DEPTH CHARGE – This is one of the most requested discs by members of Team Doomsday. Since the Land Mine became very popular as an approach disc that doesn’t overshoot the target, many players wanted a version in premium plastic. However, due to the very thick rim design of the Land Mine, it could not be run in premium plastic without becoming very heavy. So, we made a version with a narrower rim but with a very similar flight and it is being produced with the DEPTH CHARGE name. We also expect this one to arrive sometime this spring, or early summer. Like its Land Mine brother, this disc will be in the Munitions Line.
  • DESOLATION – We have another mid-range that is designed to be more overstable than either the Despair or the Flat Earth. This one is being made as part of the Catastrophic Line (manufactured in the USA) and will be released in Toxic Waste plastic once the mold is completed. The first version of the mold had the incorrect flight plate thickness, so the machine shop is tweaking the metal mold so that we can start production as soon as possible.
  • PROXIMITY MINE – Another Team Doomsday member who has been working a lot on 3D modeling for us designed this Land Mine variant that has a thumb track, plus a thinner, more tilted rim for a more overstable flight. It is yet another addition to the Munitions Line and it’s starting to look like Doomsday Discs will be one of the leading producers of fun approach discs in the market.
  • UN-NAMED SHALLOW APPROACH DISC – We also are testing a shallow, beadless approach disc, which is kind of like Discraft Zone, but with with a shorter rim depth.
  • UN-NAMED OVERSTABLE 7-SPEED – We are also making a mold for an overstable 7-speed driver, since it has been requested by the Team Doomsday members who want a fairway that has some overstable bite. We are waiting for the first testers to arrive to see if it flies like we designed.
  • UN-NAMED BEADED PUTTER – We also need a beaded putter to compliment the Bleak putter. So this disc is in the design phase.
  • 4-DISC BEGINNER SET – We are making a small run of starter sets with unique discs which includes one putter, two mids, and a driver. We thought this would be a good product for brand new players, primarily to be marketed on Amazon and EBay, etc. This gives a taste of the Doomsday brand and lifestyle to a new audience of people who are exploring disc golf for the first time. The set will include newly named discs: Gloom, Scavenger, Wasteland, and Lockdown.

In an additional note, since some players have asked, we DO plan on getting the Famine driver PDGA approved when we get to a new run for 2023. We also plan on sending in the Bunker Buster for PDGA approval after the prototype run is sold out and we move on to a fresh run.

Those are some of the thing we’ve been working on and are still in the process of designing. Some are in the modeling phase, some are in the mold-cutting phase, and some are in the disc testing phase, and some have the first production runs on the way. One thing is for sure, we know that time is a precious commodity, so we’ll keep pushing to make discs as fast as we can so that the post-apocalyptic world will be left with plenty of Doomsday Discs stored away in bunkers.

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  1. Let’s goo!!! Excited to hear the developments, can’t wait to see these puppies flying

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