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Blackout in Toxic Waste Plastic

(5 customer reviews)

The Blackout is an understable fairway driver that has become a favorite in the Doomsday Discs lineup. The first batch of Toxic Waste plastic was mostly black or at least saturated with black splotches. We’ve expanded that look with the new stock run, keeping a lot of those black splotches but with other colors as the foundation. They still look “dirty” and “dark” in this Toxic Waste blend, in keeping with the Blackout name, but some lighter colors may have slipped into the mix.

The flight numbers for the Blackout are 8 / 5 / -2 / 1


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love it

After an hour of some field work, tgis is going right in the bag. Plastic feels good. Print looks dope in the sunlight. Throws really well for me, fhrh and bhrh. Highly recommend.

Ryan Rusch
Always in the Bag

I tend to keep Blackout, Bleak, and Famine in my bag at all times. Very easy and consistent throw for me.

Scott Whitehair
One of my favorite discs

I have an almost irrational love of this disc, especially in toxic waste plastic. The running joke on the forums is that I own more of these than anyone else (21 at last count). For a newer player with noodle arms, this disc flies great. It's easily the best distance disc for me. It's close to a Lat64 Diamond when I throw it.

If in doubt...Blackout

That is my simple rule on the course. If I'm not sure of the line, the wind, or which disc would be the best choice, the Blackout has consistently come through.

Kevin McGrath
One of the best understable drivers!

Although I have tried plenty of other drivers with similar numbers, I always end up picking up the Blackout again. Perfect amount of turn to make it the perfect control driver in the woods. As a RHFH grower, many times more understable discs tend to just burn over and yet the Blackout does not. You are missing out if you haven’t thrown this gem!

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