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WMD (Weapon of Maximum Distance) in Survival Plastic Unapproved

The WMD is a novelty disc golf disc that is 100% NOT approved by the PDGA or any governing body. The rim of the WMD is an ultra high-speed driver with a 25.8 millimeter rim width. That pushes the rim width to the technical standards limitation of the PDGA. While it might slip by on that, it definitely would not pass due to the hefty weight which runs between 180 – 190 grams with a standard driver diameter (it is not an oversized total disc diameter).  So, like any good WMD, we feel like it best kept secret, under wraps, and unapproved. But doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of fun throwing one around in your casual play. Plus, not every tournament is PDGA sanctioned, and we’ll definitely make a Doomsday Demolition 2-disc challenge option available with the WMD. Pull this thing out of the bag and bomb it as far as you can!


AGAIN: NOT PDGA APPROVED, and will not be for the foreseeable future.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Almost Amazing

I can't give this five stars. It's a great gimmick disc that CAN be fun but man it just isn't worth learning how to throw on a rim that wide. The quality is amazing, the shipping was prompt, the price is exceptional, but I just can't give it a perfect score for what it is.

If nothing else, this disc sold me on the company as somebody to buy from, if not on the WMD itself.

Gravity Enhancement Disc

Craziest thing. I throw this disc, it flies 150 ft, then bombs to the ground faster than physics should allow. I thought it might be my noodle arm but that couldn't be it. The WMD must have some hyper-gravity properties. More testing will need to be done.

Awesome Name

I’m giving this 5 stars for the fact it’s creative overall breaking rules. JJ how does it fly? No clue. Why don’t you throw it? I don’t have the arm speed for this disk yet. If I do obtain the speed in the next months give the update. I solely bought this disks because it’s cool.

Master Sergeant
Good fun...

This disc is all around good fun. Super wide rim, super heavy and not for the faint of heart. If you don't have the arm to throw this it's pretty hard to get it do much of anything. It most definitely makes for an outstanding roller. Especially in the wind. Watching my friends trying to throw this disc was just entertaining. A must have, if for nothing more than the challenge.

Illegal Crusher

Super wide rim, I would not recommend this disc to those with smaller hands. However, the understability makes it possible to get a full flex with a good arm speed. This is actually one of the first discs I was able to get over 400 feet! A bit tough to throw consistently because of the wide rim, but very fun to mess around with.

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