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Depth Charge in Collapse Plastic (Team Stamp)

(2 customer reviews)


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    The Depth Charge is an altered version of the original Land Mine. In order to run such a disc in premium plastic, the rim had to be narrowed so that it wouldn’t be too heavy for its size. The Depth Charge flies almost identical to a Land Mine, perhaps with even more torque resistance. The Collapse plastic is very flexible and can be folded. This makes the disc very useful for sticking where it lands. But it is not a rubber disc like other flexible discs– it is premium plastic, making it long-lasting in rugged conditions. The flight plate may be wavy in this run because of the very flexible nature of the plastic, but that will not negatively effect the flight. These disc weight 177+ grams (most averaging around 180 grams).

    Weight 180 g
    Dimensions 9 × 9 × 1 in

    Team Stamp, 2-Foil Stamp

    2 reviews for Depth Charge in Collapse Plastic (Team Stamp)

    1. Zetious (verified owner)

      This disc is a great approach disc and likes to stick in place when it hits the ground, flys straight with gentle fade and holds up well to forehand

    2. Brandon Kleiber (verified owner)

      Baby, this is one sweeeeeeeeeeeet putter! Smooth release, extra floppy, and when it plops it plants itself and goes nowhere. Where you goin’? Nowhere! Giddyup.

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