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Flying Guillotine Prototype Disc – Not Approved

(2 customer reviews)

The Flying Guillotine is a prototype disc that was run in the factory that handles the Conspiracy Line of discs. However, the run did not have the intended results and the discs ended up having an outer edge that’s too sharp and an inside rim that’s too shallow. It makes the disc very aerodynamic and fast as it slices through the air, but not able to pass PDGA standards for sanctioned tournament play. But if you’d like to use the disc in your casual play on your local course, or just want to try a fast, flat distance driver, give the Flying Guillotine prototype in premium plastic a try.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
zachary mishaw
Feels and throws amazing!

After getting my first few discs from Doomsday, after feeling this one is was instantly my favorite! I find myself throwing it all the time! I love the stability and great ground play.

Fast and fun

Ever throw an Archon? It's sort of like this disc. It comes out of the hand with some speed. If this disc were approved, I would be using it for turning forehand shots. It's a fun skipshot disc too

Braxton Bishop

I admittedly need to spend a little more time with this disc, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy every time I’ve thrown this. It’s too thin to be approved, but it comes out of the hand quick and really does seem like it’s slicing through the air.

Daniel Shramo
A cut above

Man, what a fun disc. Regardless of whether the Pretentious Disc Golf A**holes approve or not, this thing is worth having in your collection. I found, for some reason, the blue headless horseman disc, which I lost of course, was a bit more stable and this one seems to crash on me a bit more. But, that more than likely is my lack of consistency. Get one. They're ten bucks.

Jason Butch

I really like this disc. I would put the numbers at 11/6/-1/1 but this one is easier to get up to speed somehow. It is shallower and faster than the Pestilence, but the rim isn't as wide. The wing is about half the thickness of a 12 speed disc. I did have to grind off a bit of plastic on the nub on the underside but that only reduced the weight by 1 gram. It may have changed the flight characteristics, I don't know.

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