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Gloom In Ration Plastic

(3 customer reviews)

The Gloom is quite similar to the Bleak, but with a slightly different rim shape. The initial test discs with the Team Doomsday stamp are available so that the team members can see if they prefer one or the other in feel and flight.  The Gloom is a beadless putter with a straight flight and comfortable rim shape. They weight a few grams less than the previous runs of Bleak putters and are a great choice for new players.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jason Stephenson
Fantastic straight putter

I bounce putters frequently, but the Westside Swan had always been my return-to putter, nice and straight at the target, no having to account for fade or drop. The Gloom does that same job, but better. The ration plastic goes exactly where you aim it, for better or worse. For my putting style, it's absolutely for the better.

Owen Smith
so much fun

awesome throwing putter, even better putting putter. slightly less glidey bleak, fades a bit more. beautiful disc!

Justin Lighthart
Ration gloom

I underestimated the ration plastic.i have the iso and ration .love them both but ration is my new number 1

Another Solid Putter

I currently putt with Doomsday's Bleak, but wanted to give this a try. Like the Bleak, it is comfortable in the hand and putts nicely. This disc feels as if it has a bit more glide and the Bleak, but otherwise follow the same flight path. Frankly, you can't go wrong withh the Gloom as a primary putter. My preference is still the Bleak as it feels a little more solid overall, but I definitely see why several have chosen the Gloom as their go-to.


This is my go to outside of circle 2 putter. I love it!

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