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Pestilence in Landfill Plastic


The Pestilence in recycled Landfill plastic.

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The Pestilence is the most understable distance driver in the Doomsday Discs lineup (so far) but for some reason, the Landfill (recycled) plastic blend seems to add just a little more stability to the disc flight. If you want to try out a Landfill edition of the Pestilence, give it a try. Sometimes the Landfill plastic has minor flaws due to the nature of it being recycled, but we sell it at a lower price to account for those imperfections. Despite any little specs, divots, or imperfections, they fly great! We’re even stamping some with X-Out stamps, because they look good that way. And everybody knows that the dystopian future will be riddled with imperfections. Note: These discs often come in dark colors, due to the fact that it’s a lot of recycled colors mashed together.

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166-169 Grams Team Stamp, 170-172 Grams Team Stamp, 173-176 Grams Team Stamp, 166-169 Grams X-Out Stamp, 170-172 Grams X-Out Stamp, 173-176 Grams X-Out Stamp


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