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Proximity Mine Factory 2nd Prototype (Warped)

(3 customer reviews)

Want to try a new mold? Well now you can… in a slightly deformed way. These Proximity Mines are factory second prototypes. We liked the mold, but not the way they warped when cooling. These are a super cheap way to investigate a new mold that will debut in 2024.  Some are bottom-stamped and some are top-stamped with the Team Doomsday logo.

The Proximity Mine is in the Land Mine / Depth Charge family. It has a raised thumb track around the top rim, and the rim shape slopes inward at a slight angle (instead of being perfectly square).


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Gave it a shot

I always enjoy the “different” designs thrown it a few times. Nice feel for me personally enjoying the deep rim. If you want a landmine that’s soft yet durable try For the price at the end of check out not tripping either.

Not for me

Didnt like the plastic, mold or feel. Could change if I worked with it over time but I know I wont. Hey, they all cant be homeruns. Normally I like DD discs a lot.

Curiosity Paid off!

This is pretty much what I would have expected from a Berg X. A little more glide than a Berg and more stability. This disc is great forehand and backhand once you get accustomed to the feel. 99.99% certain this will go in my bag between the Berg and Razor Claw 3.

Great value approach disc

This disc is an acquired taste; you will either love the feel or hate it. Personally, I love it for it's deep rim, thumb track, and dependable flight. And you can't beat the price.

Sean Dungan
Great approach disc

The Prox Mine has great glide with a reliable flight. It will hold the angle you put it on. It's great for approaches and/or putting. The warped flight plate on these factory 2nd's doesn't affect the flight from what I can tell. For the price, snag one and try it yourself!

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