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Depth Charge – Ignition Test Run with VERY Warped Flight Plates

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    This was a test run of the Depth Charge in Ignition plastic which is less flexible than the Collapse blend. But the flight plates came out extremely warped after the plastic cooled. The rims are fine, but the tops of the discs have wave patterns that are so extreme you could almost surf on them.  If you’re buying this, you NEED TO KNOW that it is being sold cheap because of the extremely wavy flight plates. They are still fun to throw, but we don’t want to put these out to the general market because of the crazy tops.

    Weight 250 g
    Dimensions 11 × 11 × 1 in

    2 reviews for Depth Charge – Ignition Test Run with VERY Warped Flight Plates

    1. Kyle Zarnoch (verified owner)

      I like this run better than the Collapse run! Collapse plastic left the wide diameter disc feeling a little floppy. The Ignite plastic is a smidge slicker and stiffer which feels amazing in hand, and the warping at least on mine ended up giving it a sort of pseudo thumb-track that I love. Obviously, that will vary disc to disc, but makes me even more excited for other Depth Charge runs.

    2. Sean D (verified owner)

      Hands down my favorite approach disc and I love it in the Ignition plastic.

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