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Scavenger in Glow Isolation Plastic

The Scavenger is an straight-to-understable midrange that helps you pick up the pieces of your crumbling short-range game. Allow this Scavenger to glide over the course in search of the target before gracefully descending with precision. The Glow Isolation plastic adds some stability for longer throws and feels great in the hand.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Picking it apart.

When I first felt it my impression was the plastic made it feel more like a toy. Its a flippy disc and does not handel power well. When thrown on a hyzer angle it will flip flat or turn over. Once its on its angle it holds and glides for a long time. I like to throw it for touch straight shots under 180ft. Will hold a hyzer if you throw it lightly and on a hyzer angle. The glow is ok not as good as other brands but better than my glow blackout that dies in 5 seconds. I enjoy throwing this disc in casual rounds but would never see it as a go too in a round im playing competitively. Not sure if they all do it but mine makes a whistling sound every time I throw it with moderate power and I enjoy that. Recommend buying one just for the artwork.

Brian Phillips
Such a great midrange disc.

Isolation glow plastic makes this mold more straight than the ration plastic. I love the ration plastic as well, but it breaks in easier and is alot more flipy.
Where the glow isolation plastic is way more durable and really isnt that flipy at all. The rim and diameter is a perfect fix in the hand as well as your bag. I'm telling you this mold in this plastic is amazing and a great fit for all levels of the game..

Glow Scavenger

I grabbed a Scavenger in both the Glow isolation plastic and the rookie pack ration plastic. The glow plastic was a little more stable than the ration plastic when thrown at low speeds. It is great to use on longer throws that you can put a little more arm speed on. I like to give it a fair amount of power with a little hyzer, let it flip and carry right (RHBH).

Miles Hodsdon
Awesome all around mid range

The scavenger has become my absolute go-to mid range. It's great off the tee on shorter holes and will bail you out on tough up shots.

I started with 2 in ration plastic and they were SUPER flippy - I was throwing on a steep hyzer and they were still flattening out for a nice glide. Ended up upgrading to glow iso when the reaper stamp dropped - that one is now my most used disc. Definitely more stable in the glow iso plastic than ration but it is SO easy to maneuver. Recommend to anyone looking for a solid mid.

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