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A Spectacular Recession is Coming

One of the main factors that lead to the collapse of the Roman Empire was — Inflation. Our incompetent political leaders are somewhat aware of that fact and of the dangers of inflation.

Billionaire Carl Icahn warns,

“The Worst is ye to come”

“We printed up too much money, and just thought the party would never end…. the party’s over.”

How much money was added to the monetary system during the Covid19 pandemic? The numbers are staggering. Check out this graph from the St. Louis Federal Reserve:

As you can see, the amount of money in the system has had a slight decline since the March 2022 peak of $20,699 Billion. Yet this declined amount is still more than five times higher than the January 2020 level of $3,993.6 Billion!
The Government and Federal Reserve are now backtracking their reckless policies in an attempt to curb the dangerous inflation. There was so much money pumped into the system it is surprising that every day inflation has been as as low as it has thus far. Their “tool” to slow down inflation is by raising prime interest rates.
During the last two years, real estate prices increased 40%, stock values soared, and Crypto assets tripled all because of artificial money printing.

Housing Recession

The only reason people could afford the drastically inflated home values was because mortgage interest rates were next to nothing.
Mortgage interest rates are now at the highest level they have been in 14 years.  They are  double of what they were just one year ago. This combination of high prices and high interest rates makes housing unaffordable for almost everyone. This economic formula is a flashback to the same dynamics that lead to the 2008 Great Recession.
In growing areas, construction and real estate represents 1/10th of all jobs. In present conditions that sector is coming to a halt.
What will happen if just half of the people that work in the real estate industry lose their jobs over the next few months?

Retail and Manufacturing Collapse

During and shortly after the pandemic, online retail sales reached all time highs. Production capacity from manufacturers increased and so did output to satisfy the stimulus lead demand.
With inflation cutting into real take home pay, that pandemic era demand is now drying. Major retailers now have more products on their shelves and in their warehouses than they ever have before. They are slashing restock orders leaving manufacturers scrambling to keep busy.
One obvious example of the decline in manufacturing demand is the drastic reduction in the price of a shipping container. The current price to order a shipping container from China is  now half of what it cost just a month ago. Container shipping costs are at their lowest level since early 2020, and fuel prices are still double what they were two and a half years ago.
The good news is that this oversupply of products should lead to a decrease of prices in some instances and reduce overall inflation.
The bad news is that it will not be enough to keep overleveraged, underwater, Zombie companies in business — especially with the sudden rise in interest rates.
If one fourth of US companies go bankrupt and manufacturing dries up, how many people will lose their jobs?

Stock Market Collapse

The stock market is already down 21% this year, but the worst is yet to come. As recessionary pressures set in later this year, the stock market will fall much, much further. It’s probably a great time to cash out any stock value you have left and exchange it for assets with long term value.

All is Not Gloomy

The good news is that the complete Doomsday collapse of society will not happen until after the economic collapse. Our economy is still hanging by a thread, and it’s a great time to stock up on Doomsday Discs.
Perhaps this is the time for you to prepare for the inevitable and start your side business as a Doomsday Black Market dealer. It’s easy to get started with Doomsday Discs by picking up a Black Market Dealer pack here.
The End is Near.
Go Down Throwing. 


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