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Hyperinflation IS Coming – How to Prepare

Let’s face it, Inflation is a ridiculous problem right now. Government spending was already out of control before the pandemic hit, and then came the avalanche that is breaking the slush filled dam.

As supply slowed down while worldwide manufacturing facilities were shut down for Covid-19 safety, the federal reserves quantitative easing combined with government stimulation efforts on an economy that was artificially shut down increased the amount of dollars in circulation by 800%!

People who still had their jobs, and were in fact spending less money than normal during the pandemic, were suddenly rewarded with additional stimulus check money that they had nothing to spend on to stimulate an economy which didn’t need stimulating. So what did we do with excess cash that we don’t have anything to spend it on? Invest it in the stock market, bitcoin, and altcoins that never have or will have any real value. While the stock and crypto markets have been partially deflated over the past few months Cash reserves were and are still near all time highs.

US Dollar Will Lose Oil and Reserve Currency Status

Inflation was already at an all time high before Russia attacked Ukraine. 12% of the US’s supply of oil is imported from Russia. Those imports are no longer happening which is driving the price of oil up. Since nearly everything in the US is transported by trucks that require oil, the real cost of all goods is rising just from increased transportation costs, but that is just the beginning of our inflation problems.!

45% of the world’s wheat supply comes from Russia and Ukraine. Wheat is quite literally the bread of life and is used for a whole lot more than just bread. Food costs are not just going to inflate this year, they are going to hyperinflate.

How is it that the US Dollar hasn’t already crashed? It is the world’s reserve currency. For decades the dollar has been esteemed as the safest and most stable of currencies because the US was fiscally responsible. With countries all the world exchanging oil and other commodities in US Dollars our governments reckless spending was buffered. But that is about to all change.

You see, one of the primary motives for the Ukraine conflict is the underlying quest to dethrone the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Once this happens, the value of the dollar will wash away faster than the your floating driver in a raging spring current.

What are we to do when our cash declines in value?

Burning Worthless CurrencyWill your dollars in the bank do you any good? Nope. You likely won’t even be able to get them out once the banks go down.

Will physical cash dollars under your mattress help you? It might be useful as fire starters.

Will bitcoin save you? Nope. You can’t exchange bitcoin without the internet.

What will be of value when Russian hackers take down the grid we know as the internet? We need assets. Real assets. Physical, tangible assets.

End of Times Currency – Disc Golf Discs

A valuable currency is something that will maintain it value even through economic collapse, droughts, famines, wars, plagues, and natural disasters. It is something that has real valuable and cannot be reproduced at less than the cost of its value.

So what is something, tangible, tradeable, and of value that we can count on?

Disc golf discs of course. They answer all of the requisites for a valuable end of times currency.

Can you easily exchange them? Yes, and they don’t require Internet or Electricity to exchange.

Can they produced for costs less than their value? No they cannot, and many of them will be rare and limited making them even more valuable.

Are plastic discs fun? Yes, yes, you can and will be able to play disc golf even with the grid down. Playing disc golf doesn’t cost you anything and others seeing you having such a great time despite all the destruction will want to participate as well, but where will they get their plastic from?

Where will people get discs once the grid goes down?

Where will they get discs?

Amazon? Nope. That’s not gonna work.

Walmart? Though their goods will likely have been looted in the crises, they never had a good selection of discs anyways and most of them were garbage.

Me? Yes You.

As a possessor of Doomsday Discs, you have potential to be the most wealthy person in the land. The bartering power of a quality golf discs will be immeasurable. In some areas you may be able to trade just two or three discs for a single life feeding milk cow.

Hyperinflation is coming. Be prepared with Doomsday discs.

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Photo by RODNAE Productions

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