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Prototype Disc Testing

We have had a fun time testing the prototype discs for the Doomsday Discs lineup. Here’s a quick run-down of how things are progressing:

Apocalypse – Distance Driver – This disc has a wider rim than the PDGA will allow. It wasn’t modeled to be that way, but we had the mold cut incorrectly. So, alas, it is now about a “Speed 16” driver. But you know what? After the apocalypse there will be no governing bodies, so you’ll be able to throw whatever you want. If you want a slightly understable 16-speed driver, then this one will be for you. We’re going to remake a piece of the mold to get the originally intended size, but we’re going to keep the wide-rimmed Apocalypse piece as well, for the rebels out there.

Despair – Mid-range – This disc turned out just right. It is a straight-flying, easy to control mid. We’ll get the production run started.

Cataclysm – Stable Fairway Driver – This one also flies great. No changes are necessary. We’ll get the production run going.

Dystopia – Understable Fairway Driver – This one is also nice. It has more turn than the Cataclysm, just like we wanted. Weaker arms will enjoy this disc. We’ll get the production run going.

Bleak – Putter – This one feels oh-so-good. It is beadless and flies very nicely. We’ll get the production run going.

Hubcap – This one has been a challenge. We love how ridiculously overstable it is, by design. It almost always finished vertical. But the big challenge has been to get it to run in the right weights. It has a somewhat larger diameter like many mid-range discs, so it comes out pretty heavy. We can get it lighter in base plastic, but it will wear out very quickly because of how hard you must throw it and considering it lands on its edge all of the time. So, we’re still trying to get a plastic blend that will be more durable, but not so heavy. Still working on it.

Can Lid – We finally got this disc within the desired weight because it was also running heavy due to its crazy rim design. We had no choice but to make the rim less wide, but it still has it’s boxy, odd profile that we wanted for the namesake. It flies surprisingly well and will undoubtedly become a classic. We just need it to be a little more soft and grippy and we’ll be ready to go.


The Solar Death Ray is going to be the name of the disc that results from “fixing” the oversized rim of the Apocalypse (though we will also keep the ultra-wide rim as the Apocalypse). It is supposed to be an understable speed-13 distance driver.

The Catastrophe is designed to be a more stable speed-12 driver. That is how it is designed, but we will see how the tests fly once the mold is produced.

Hopefully, all of these discs are actually produced before the end of the world, because we’d prefer to go down throwing.

3 thoughts on “Prototype Disc Testing”

  1. Matthew D Heminger

    I can’t wait for the can lid. I’ve been putting off buying bowls and my soup stockpile is starting to get out of hand.

  2. Yes, the prototype does have an indentation. Adjustments needed to be made because the original shape and width of the rim design was so thick that it became impossible to make it less than 180 grams. We’re making final adjustments to have the first production run come out in the correct weights and with a shape that is sufficiently ugly for its namesake.

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