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The Warning Time for Major Solar Flares is…Not Good

Specialists in the catastrophic sciences have known this for a while, but the mainstream is starting to catch on. The likelihood of major solar flare activity is increasing and our ability to detect them in time to save our power grid is still very inadequate. By the time we see the flare, measure its strength, and take protective measures in the case of very strong X-Class flares, it may be too late. Here is a recent article discussing this concern:


As discussed in the article, we’re currently in the active flaring years of the 11-year solar cycle and 2025 is the peak in the repeating graph. After 2025 our sun’s activity will begin to decline again for a few years before ramping up in the 2030’s for the possible “kill shot” that could be the next major extinction event. But really, a major X-Class flare could come at us at any time, with the peak activity in 2025 providing the highest likelihood of a grid-destroying flare. The fact that the earth’s magnetic field is at its weakest right now means that the flare doesn’t even need to be mega-huge to have a major impact on the power grid. Why? Because the proverbial “shields are down,” and the crew of the Starship Enterprise isn’t going to be able to get those shields back up in time.

An illustration of Earth’s magnetic field. Image Credit: ESA/ATG medialab

Here is one of many articles on the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field, in case you want to do some research:

So, if we manage to escape a super-flare or recurring micro-nova from our sun in the next couple of years (fingers crossed) the chances are high that we’ll at least get a flare strong enough to take out parts or all of the world’s power grid. What does this mean to you, the disc golfer that is aware of the possibility? It means that you’re in the minority, and you’re also very lucky, because you do not need power to throw discs at chains.


If or when the power grid goes down, we do not know how long it will take to replace the damaged or destroyed circuitry to get the power back on again. You won’t be able to browse this website (or any other) during that time. You won’t be able to use our Discord Channel while the power is off. Many of us may not be even be able to work our 9-5 jobs without power. You may not be able to heat your home, watch the news, play video games, or many other things that need power. But guess what you CAN do while there is no power. You can still disc golf to your heart’s content.

If you can’t work, can’t use the internet, and can’t do many of the things that we usually do day-to-day, it sounds like a great opportunity to play disc golf. You may find that you have more time for disc golf than ever before. Of course, you’ll need some time to harvest your produce, preserve it, and take other measures to survive. But while you’re not cranking your stored wheat into flour, you can get outside and throw discs.

That means you should be prepared by stocking up on your favorite discs in the meantime, and we recommend Doomsday Discs as the perfect discs for the times the the grid is down. Now is the time to prepare. Not only would it be wise to have your own supply of discs, but you may become a source for your disc golfing friends and local acquaintances. After they’ve watched you longingly as you throw discs through the air, they’ll probably turn to you for help. At that moment, you’ll be extra prepared if you’ve taken advantage of our Black Market Dealers Pack because you’ll essentially be a Doomsday underground dealer. You’ll be able to make some extra money for food and ammo by dishing out discs to those who were less prepared.

Until next time…if there is one…we hope you’ve enjoyed our warning.

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