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Preparing For The Doomsday

There are many things you can do to prepare for the upcoming Doomsday, but only a few of them will actually make a difference. If you want to be among the tiny percentage of survivors, this is what you must do.

  • 6. Build a Bomb Shelter that will withstand fallout from a Russian or North Korean Nuke (not to be confused with a Discraft Nuke). Be sure to use materials that will withstand radiation.
  • 5. Hoard a 2 Year Supply of Food. If possible include at least 3 chickens and a milk cow. Store water, emergency water, dehydrated water, and consider digging a well.
  • 4. Invest in the end of times currency.  If you’re not aware of the current state of economics, the US dollar is collapsing. It will be all but worthless in a matter of months. The only US currency of value will be Nickels and pre 1977 copper pennies. The value derived from these coins will be simply from the metal they are made of and not the face value. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies will have value — for a time, but once the grid goes down, they too will be worthless. The currency for the end of times will consist of food, ammo, gold bullion, and plastic (specifically disc golf discs).
  • 3. Visually design your Apocalyptic disc golf course utilizing the ruins from the current buildings in your area. The current landscape and geography will be completely different. Land for disc golf will be plentiful, but materials for baskets will be scarce.
  • 2. Follow Our Prophesies. Our blog and social media platforms will contain vital information and imminent prophesies to help you survive until the grid goes down. Do not ask how we know, (for our safety and your benefit, our sources and identity must remain anonymous) but we will provide very specific prophesies for different regions and cataclysmic events before they will occur. 
  • 1. Buy Doomsday Discs. Train with Doomsday Discs. Be Prepared. Only disc golf will allow you to survive the mental anguish that will be associated with the wars, plagues, and natural disasters leading to the Doomsday. The Doomsday Discs Munition Line has a special secondary purpose that might just save you from a Zombie (not to be confused with the Discraft Zombee) attack. 

2 thoughts on “Preparing For The Doomsday”

  1. The discs are still in the prototyping stages. We hope to have them available for spring 2022, because time is running out.

    The end will not come until all Doomsday Discs are complete and available for all with the will to survive.

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