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Desolation in Fatal Plastic

The Desolation can lay waste to your short game, easily handling all of the torque you can give it to flex back and fade to the target, all with good glide and control. The FATAL plastic blend is a more stiff premium mixture than Toxic Waste or Biohazard, plus it adds a subtle splatter of red in the creamy disc colors. If you prefer a more stiff disc, then Fatal is for you.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Love this disc!

The Fatal plastic is amazing, alittle more stiff than others offered by Doomsday. Stamp is sick!

Brian Phillips
Really great plastic, over stable midrange

This plastic looks and feels great. And who doesn't need a ln overstable mid, there seems to be alot of glide with this mold. It's not stupid over stable but just stable enough for me if that makes sense. The rim is a little different than what I am used to, it's catching a little on my finger tips, but that isn't stopping from learning a new disc.

Peter Crumpler
Smells like Death!

Similar feel to my Matty Orum Pine. But a little more dome and a little more shallow. Accurate flight #'s. Plastic smells super chemical but it's probably the coolest plastic I've ever felt. Exceptional Stamp. 5/5

Susan Mehler
Great plastic!

In the words of the person who received this as a gift: "I'm slowly replacing all of my Innova discs with doomsday due to the quality of their plastic. This disc is my utility stable midrange of choice. I play in the early morning when there's dew on the ground and this gives me a grippy plastic that provides a reliable flight pattern."

The Feels

I could be here all day talking about how great this feels in the hand. Truly I've never felt a more comfortable feeling mid that I can always trust.

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