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Plague in Toxic Waste Plastic

The Plague is a distance driver that can handle power. It needs to handle a lot as the world draws nearer and nearer to the end of times. Prepare for the apocalypse with this high-quality, professional level driver  in premium, long-lasting Toxic Waste plastic. It has consistent end-fade and is extremely torque resistant.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daymon Ward
Straight with a stable finish.

I use this disc as a reliable upshot disc from distances of about 200 feet. While it’s designed as a driver, I don’t have a super powerful arm (about 275 distance) so it finishes a lot like a Destroyer. I’ll use this disc 6 to 8 times in an average 18 hole course. Very reliable.

Short Circuit
A solid, reliable bomber

Throw it hard and flat for a great, long straight flight to a reliable finish. Immediately found a place in my bag as a dependable distance driver, similar to a New Sword but more torque resistant.

X-Out Specific Review

This is specific to the x-out I purchased and may not align with your purchase. The disc I received was nearly board flat with a slight dip in the flight plate. I am currently trying a couple techniques to use a "hot car" to work out the dip, but it's been foggy and cool so that's a massive fail. That said, this disc flight reminds me what I would expect of a Destroyer or Emperor style disc. The finish is strong and the skip is useful as I don't have an 11-12 speed with a solid skip. I will try a stock later, but even with the flight plate issues this disc just might be a solid utility shot disc.

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