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SCOPE Approach Midrange

(3 customer reviews)

The Scope is a unique approach / midrange crossover disc that has a unique rim configuration. It was 3D modelled by Team Doomsday member Most Average Joey. At first glance, a player might think the rim looks bizarre, but once in the hand and thrown either backhand or forehand, it feels smooth on release and flies great. The Scope holds a straight line with a slight fade to finish, making disc placement easy. It provides more distance than the Land Mine or Depth Charge, making it a useful tool in the Doomsday bag.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Eric Pratt
Fantastic disc

I love this disc. It’s been one of my go to discs for Forehand and it has earned a spot on my bag from here on out!

Fun disc to throw.

I have had to buy three of these because I lost the other two. If this disc is not in my bag I miss it! Definitely one to give a try.

Loren Marcus
A razor in the wind

I’ve always loved it as a safe approach, it just goes where you want it without much outside interference. It’s NOW become my go to wind putter. This thing just goes straight. This thing doesn’t even know what wind is

James Eliason

I bought a couple of these disc during the Black Friday sale. I wasn't sure what I was getting. As it turns out it is a nice stable mid range. The marbling color of the plastic looks great and the stamp is cool. The plastic is flexible and smooth when warm, but is very stiff and slippery when in sub zero temperatures.
The profile is some what different but not to strange to me as it is similar to the Lone Star Discs Texas Ranger but with sharper angles. I also find it more stable than the Texas Ranger. With more then the moderate arm speed that I have, it would most likely be a straight flyer. All in all, a useful disc for those anhyzer flex shots with my arm speed.


One of my favorites. A cross between a straight mid and a beefy approach.

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