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Rot in Shockwave Plastic

The ROT is a stable, beaded putter that works for throwing as well as for confident putts to the basket. It has a rounded outer edge for maximum grip comfort. In premium Shockwave plastic, they not only look great, but they have quite a bit of stability and some extra fade, making it a solid option for longer approach shots.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rot is not rotten!

Fell in love with this putter when it came out. Went ahead and grabbed this shockwave version and it’s been great!


Awesome stability. Feels great in the hand. Will you make the putt? Prolly not. Will it save you in the apocalypse? Also no but it's awesome

Zachery Trimble
Great plastic!

Absolutely beautiful shockwave plastic rot .... This rot is great off the tee and for upshots.....

This should be Doomsday’s best seller

The rot was a disc I looked forward to trying when it was first released. I loved the idea of a flat topped, beaded putter for throwing. The new shockwave plastic is definitely more overstable than other plastics. I notice the shockwave rot is flatter with a higher parting line when compared to other plastics.

I can throw it on a backhand with as much speed as I want and it handles the torque. I’ll even throw it on a forehand with no thoughts of it rolling over. With the extreme torque resistance, it’s not crazy overstable. I trust the rot on straight shots with just a touch of finish all the way to sweeping hyzers.

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