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Scavenger in Ration Plastic

(2 customer reviews)

The Scavenger is another midrange for Team Doomsday to test, featuring a rim shape that is similar to the Despair, but with a more shallow rim, giving it a slightly different feel in the hand. It comes in lighter weight Ration plastic and is a possible addition to the lineup for touch shots. We look forward to the team’s evaluation.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joe L
Great glide

Great glide for me, flies straight with just a touch of fade at the end, almost snagged an ace on my second throw

Trevor Simpson
Great understable approach disc.

Love the scavenger in ration plastic. Great for straight to turn over shots and soft landings

Brian Phillips

I have to agree with the other review, this mid is slightly understable. If you release it somewhat flat it well flip out and go understable.. however if you really hyper it with some snap it doesn't really fight out of it, instead it just continues to glide further. First throw out the bag and I hit the bottom of the cage/post.. kinda made me keep it in the bag.. right of the bat.

Cody G 平

This is a 5 5 -2 0 midrange that feels very comfortable in the hand. The numbers seem spot on, as a flat release will definitely turn quickly before settling into a glide. It does not fight back much, but will stabilize if you give it enough height. This is making it into my bag!

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