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Solar Death Ray in Survival Plastic

The Solar Death Ray is a unique driver that is quite neutral in its flight path. While it may launch with some turn, it usually flexes back to fade at the end of the flight. But what makes the Solar Death Ray stand out (other than the fact that it is named after the coming solar flare that will shake civilization to its core) is that the top of the flight plate has a series of ripples or ridges that give it a distinct texture and grip for a control driver.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Super straight driver

I have heard so many people in the past say "Here try this disc it's very straight." but up till now only a very few have actually done that and, this disc has the exact flight I wish those ones did.

Collin N.
decent stable fairway driver

If you're looking for a fairway that will hold a line with a modest fade and low glide this is the disc for you.

Master Sergeant
Straight flyer...

The flight is very straight with a light fade. After spending a full day of throwing. Weather...breezy to calm. Course mostly open with some trees. So far the SDR reminds me closely of a Discraft XL, with slight differences, I will start by giving it a 9/5/-2/.5 Most definitely will be bagging a couple of these. Can't wait to get this disc in some woods. More to come...

Matthew Adams

For me the flight is very straight with a light fade. My go to driver for those tight shots through the woods.

Adam Elliott
Instantly put in my bag

The solar death ray has an incredible feel for both forehand and backhand players. I found this disc clips up and rides straight down the pooper Everytime! I put it in my bag immediately

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