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Weapons Grade Land Mine

(7 customer reviews)

This is the new Land Mine putt-and-approach disc in the Munitions Line of discs. It is in “Weapons Grade” plastic which is a base plastic blend, but with more stiffness than some putter blends. It’s primarily designed for approaches and holds both forehand and backhand lines very well before it drops suddenly to the ground. It has a unique, somewhat experimental rim shape that recalls other putters with a “boxy” rim shape. The Land Mine will stand out when you pull it out of your bag. It will definitely extract unpredictable comments from your card mates.

These Land Mines are being made available to Team Doomsday members early and with a couple of different team stamps so that they can be tested for flight numbers. All weights are around 175g.


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Josh Marcella
The most unique feeling disc

I really like this disc, it's super reliable.

Fun disc

overstable. surprisingly glidey. it’s insane how this disc flies but i love it. very comfortable in the hand. what an awesome putter

Brian Phillips
Very unique disc

This a strange disc to try out.. I picked this up because ive been throwing the depth charger for sometime now.. and I have to say I personally perfer the depth charger myself.. the land mine seems to have less glide for me. It's worth trying out for upshot, because it does not skip nor well it roll.. the out rim is more vertical and thicker in depth.

Jason Collett
Love the landmine

I always get interesting looks when someone sees me pull this one out the first time, but anyone who tries it sees why I love it. Great for straight approach shots and amazing for drop ins as well. This is one of those discs that I would order again immediately if I lost it

Best approach in the game!

This is by far the BEST approach putter. It forehands like magic and never rolls away. I own about 10

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