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Prototypes are Rolling in Fast Now

Months ago, while in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, we started the wheels rolling for the production of Doomsday Discs. We wanted to avoid most of the traditional, well-travelled paths to creating a brand. Rather than rebranding existing discs from well-known manufacturers, we opened up relationships with many plastics manufacturers that may or may not have even tried making discs before. It has been an interesting journey.

Since we began our initial plans, we’ve expanded our “Disc Lines” from two to four. That’s because 4 different manufacturers are now sending their larger prototype runs and we have more discs on the verge of final production than we thought we’d have at this point. A lot of the production setbacks that made things move slowly during the pandemic seem to have been alleviated, for now. Suddenly machines are running again and plastic is becoming available.

Here is a quick look at recent developments…


This was the line that we thought would be finished first. But it has hit some slowdowns. We still hope that the original 5 molds in this line have first runs by the summer of 2022. The Apocalypse required a redesign since a misunderstanding in the initial 3D modelling created a disc that would not pass PDGA approval. But we like the incorrect disc as a novelty, so we moved the “oops” model to the “Flightless Discs” line and we had to rework the Apocalypse. Still, things are moving forward.


These are the strange, experimental discs made for our brand. When we want to test the boundaries of design and make something odd, we’ll do it here. They may or may not pass with the PDGA, but that shouldn’t stop experimentation. After all, you never know what you’ll have to use in your bag after the doomsday.


The name of this line was chosen by some members of Team Doomsday. We loved it. This is another line from a completely new disc source overseas as we work with multiple factories in multiple countries to diversify our lineup. So far, there is only one mid-range disc in this line, but we hope to build a full arsenal of discs in the Conspiracy Line.


We also have a couple of new distance drivers to be released in a line that is yet to be named. These are made in the USA and we will have prototypes available to both our team and the interested public, as soon as possible. We are scrambling to get these speed-12 discs tested, named, and in the hands of people who want to prepper early for the coming doomsday.

We’ve got some other ideas cooking as well. We’ll try to keep everybody posted here on the Doomsday Blog. This is a place to embrace both disc golf and the coming apocalypse. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Prototypes are Rolling in Fast Now”

  1. Reading on your site about all of your disc’s, I would be interested in getting some of your prototype/first runs. How can I make this a reality?

  2. You will be able to make that a reality once we have discs available. We will have a couple of prototypes that are available for purchase, plus some first runs coming this year.

  3. Jason aka Octabird Hammond

    I was looking at going for the player pack and joining the survival efforts after all the SHTF, however you don’t offer a hefty enough size of garment for my pre-apocalyptic figure…
    …need a 3 or 4 xl if that might be an option.

  4. Dang, we didn’t get any very large sizes because of the big surcharge. But the logos are available on the Discord server if you want to get them put onto any shirts locally. Sorry about that. Maybe we can get a couple larger sizes on some future shirts.

  5. Just got my Team pack in the mail thanks! How can I tell what disc and plastic that I got? It appears to be a distance driver and “Star/GStar” like plastic?

  6. The disc is currently just known as “Prototype 3” in the Catastrophic Line right now. Team members are currently deciding on the name of the disc on the Discord server.

    The plastic is called “Toxic Waste”

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