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The Cataclysm and Other Disastrous Developments

It is December of 2022. Doomsday Discs has been working on this underground, decentralized brand for barely over a year, and it has been a very interesting ride. We feel it is time to update everybody on the latest developments. It isn’t the ideal time of year for new releases, but we’re pushing forward– after all, natural disasters aren’t seasonal and there’s no telling when the end will come. So…moving forward.


The Cataclysm was PDGA approved back in August of this year so we proceeded with the larger stock run of discs.  That stock run is now complete and we have some in premium Survival plastic as well as a few in premium Isolation plastic. Those discs will start to make the rounds to distribution and should start showing up in retail outlets in the coming weeks.

Team Doomsday hasn’t done the testing and flight number evaluation yet, but it is designed with a 10-11 speed rim width and it is moderately overstable (less neutral than the Dystopia). Some team members have found it to be like a slower version of the Plague. We’ll let the team continue to evaluate and adjust the “official” numbers according to their experiences.

The Cataclysm is in the Prepper Line of discs, and will likely be the final installment in the Prepper Line for a while. That makes this the Prepper line-up for the next year or so:

Putter = BLEAK
Midrange = DESPAIR
Driver = DYSTOPIA (Neutral)
Driver = CATALCYSM (Slightly Overstable)


We recently received a shipment of prototype Bunker Buster discs. This is a utility disc designed to be an oversized driver that can weigh up to 200 grams. If you’re familiar with a Condor, this is a similar concept, with with more of a driver-sized rim. We wanted to test out an oversized disc that is different than some of the others on the market. However, we aren’t ready to send this disc in for PDGA approval since we want to tweak certain aspects of the design for the next run. That means that this run is a real prototype run, and of course it can be used in non-PDGA events and casual rounds.

We made this Bunker Buster discs available on the Doomsday website so that players can try it out. But we’ve since decided to change the aim of the prototype Bunker Buster to become a fundraiser disc for a couple of people on the Doomsday team that need financial help. In November, a husband / wife team that ships Doomsday Discs orders had tragedy strike as the home that they were living in burned down. Most of their personal property was destroyed in the fire. They had to move into the home of nearby family– it is great that they have family to help. But we want to pull together the efforts of the larger Doomsday team to raise money to help replace some of the things that they lost, including some musical instruments that were very important to them (they represent a beautiful and talented musical blend of classical and metal). So watch for the Prototype Bunker Buster stamp release to become available through as many channels as we can reach, and all of the proceeds from sales will be donated to our friends to help rebuild their life in 2023.  NOTE: The featured image at the top of this blog post is the kitchen after the fire.

Sure, a Doomsday is coming and disaster can strike at any moment. But when it does strike, we join together. We count on each other. And at this particular moment, disaster struck somebody that we can help, so we will.


A lot of people really liked the ultra-overstable Frag, but the initial plastic (C-4) was very floppy and soft. That flexible C-4 plastic is great for sticking when it hits the ground. But many players wanted a more firm option. So, we ordered the 2nd run of Frags in the more firm Weapons Grade base plastic. But we also asked for a change in colorant for a more unique look. They came out looking and feeling very nice. Even though the plastic is more firm, the texture has great grip and feels nice. We’re really excited to get these discs stamped and to get some new Frags into the market for the 2023 season.

We’ve had requests for a premium Frag, but it has a similar problem with the Land Mine– they are both large discs with large rims and that results in overweight discs when run in premium plastic blends. For the Land Mine, we worked on a mold insert to make the rim less wide, but that means the premium edition will actually be a different disc mold. The new “altered” Land Mine will be called the Depth Charge, but is allows for a premium disc that flied very similar to the Land Mine. But we haven’t made an altered version of the Frag yet. We’ll see how this Weapons Grade Frag performs before deciding on an alteration for premium plastics. Hopefully you’ll be able to test out this fresh run and provide your feedback.



We have also recently received new prototype discs from manufacturers for three different lines. We have two new prototype drivers from the manufacturer of the Conspiracy Line (see the green and clear discs at the top of the photo). We received a prototype mid-range that is part of the Munitions Line and the 3D model was designed by a member of Team Doomsday (see the spotted disc on the bottom left). We also have a new prototype disc in the Catastrophic Line that is designed to be an understable 13-speed driver (see the pink discs at the bottom right of the photo). The driver in the Catastrophic Line has already been named by Team Doomsday members as the Pestilence. The prototype in the Munitions Line has been named by Team Doomsday members as the Scope.

We’ll see if we can get the Pestilence and Scope PDGA approved soon. The Conspiracy Line drivers may need some tweaking for weight adjustments before they can be PDGA approved. We’ll continue working to develop those.

Aside from discs, we have a Doomday Bucket Hat that just arrived and will be sold on our website soon. Plus we have a very comfortable Doomsday Beanie had coming this winter. A Doomsday sublimated jersey is in the works as well, with a design that was made with consultation from Team Doomsday members on our Discord Server.

That’s the latest here at the Doomsday Discs bunker. We will continue to push forward through thick and thin to get our discs into the market before the market collapses. Thanks for your support!

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  1. Very much looking forward to the weapons grade frag and the depth charge. Love the innovation

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