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Bunker Buster (Retooled) in Clandestine Plastic

The Bunker Buster is an oversized driver because Doomsday Discs realized that there are very few oversized drivers in the disc golf market. We wanted a disc that could push the limit of the 200 gram maximum allowed by the PDGA which means that the disc needed a wide diameter.  With a 24-centimeter diameter, we feel this monster is a disc that stands out and will always turn heads in any round. The “retooled” version is different than the original prototype because it has a slightly deeper rim which added significant stability to the disc. The disc was PDGA approved on July 31, 2023 and this new edition is more overstable, making it a disc with a dependable fade that you can throw as hard as you want. Consider throwing this disc to be a workout, building arm strength for both disc golf and survival.


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