Doomsday Discs – August Activity Report

Many New Team Members and Many New Discs

Hello, this is Doctor Death at Doomsday Discs. August turned out to be a big month for us here at the bunker. We had a lot of players jump onto Team Doomsday as we try to make a disc brand that is driven by the players. We really appreciate everybody’s participation on social media and in your local areas. The first ever Doomsday Demolition events were thrown, introducing new people to some fun discs. More are in the works for September and October. Anybody who wants to run a Doomsday Demolition 2-disc challenge or 3-disc challenge, you can set it up however you want, wherever you want, and pick up player packs HERE.

We also have worked hard to release our first disc models through as many different channels as possible. Disc sellers both large and small have started stocking our stuff. We know it will take a while to gain traction in the market, but we’ll keeping doing whatever we can to make a splash and get noticed— most of that effort is through collaboration with the team members.

We have made several of our discs available on AMAZON.COM in order to reach the masses. It’s a huge market, and whether we like them or not, they are another way to reach more players who don’t shop the cooler disc vendor sources. We made the BLEAK BOX (putter 6-pack) available there as well as through Infinite Discs. We know that OTB is getting some of our stuff soon, which is cool (if only California weren’t doomed to fall into the Pacific Ocean).

These are discs now available in one place or another:

Bleak – Prepper Line – Ration and Survival plastic
Despair – Prepper Line – Ration and Survival plastic
Dystopia – Prepper Line – Ration and Survival plastic

WMD (Weapon of Max Distance) – Munitions Line – Survival plastic
Land Mine – Munitions Line – Weapons Grade plastic
Frag – Munitions Line – C4 plastic

Plague – Catastrophic Line – Meltdown and Fallout plastic
Famine (prototype) – Catastrophic Line – Meltdown and Uranium plastic
Blackout – Catastrophic Line – Toxic Waste plastic

And here are some in the works:

Flat Earth – Conspiracy Line – Abduction plastic
— still in transit somewhere on the planet —

Cataclysm – Prepper Line – Ration and Survival plastic
— attempting PDGA approval —

Apocalypse – Prepper Line
— failed multiple design tests so starting over —

Big Bertha (working title) – Munitions Line
— mold cutting phase for an oversized driver —

Plus there are new plastics being tested for the Munitions line, where one of the biggest challenges is the resulting disc weights. Munitions are heavy. We’re also retooling the Famine driver (again) in an attempt for PDGA approval. If you like the prototypes, at least be aware that they’ll likely be more stable-to-overstable after the latest retooling. We sent many of the prototypes in Uranium plastic to Infinite Discs to be released as a limited edition to their VIP Club (we’re supposed to be hush-hush about that, but photos are already showing up all over our Discord server, so the secret is out). Hopefully that will help make the prototype runs more collectible, even in their flawed state. Hopefully we’ll have news of a PDGA approval soon for the Famine. Talking about the PDGA, we’re not even sending in the WMD for approval because we like how heavy and fast it is. We just want it to be a forbidden, secret weapon at this point.

ALSO…thanks to Team Doomsday members, the official flight numbers of the Frag are 5 / 2 / 0 / 5 and the official flight numbers of the Dystopia are 10 / 5 / -2 / 2

WELL… that’s the latest news from the bunker. Watch the website for a couple upcoming drops next week, including the Blackout with a stock stamp (finally) and a new package deal called the BLACK MARKET DEALER PACK. We’re going to sell a pre-built box of bulk discs (24 discs per box) directly to team members so that you can sell them however you want, make a few bucks, and create a black market of Doomsday Discs that can survive any economic collapse.

Now, get out there and play while you still can!

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