Progress on the Prepper Line

We’re excited to see more progress on our Prepper Line of discs. The Prepper Line was originally planned to be a line of discs that are relatively easy to throw, affordable for any budget, and adaptable for bags at any level of play. We believe that many of the doomsday survivors will need basic discs like a standard, straight-flying putter. They’ll need a rather standard mid-range with just a touch of fade, plus an understable and an overstable driver around “speed 9” (fairway / distance crossover), and an understable, high-speed driver that can even be handled by beginners. While we may expand the Prepper Line to include more speeds and flight paths, we thought that starting with the basics would be ideal. Thus, any wise disc golfer can stockpile the basics while prepping for a future when discs may not be readily available.

Since we’re developing these molds together with a partner manufacturer, there has been some obstacles to overcome, like achieving target weights for each mold. We’re still working to overcome those obstacles with some of the molds. However, we were finally able to hit the target with three of the discs in the Prepper Line, which are now being planned for first runs. The plastic types are currently being named by Team Doomsday in a discussion on the Doomsday Discord server. Our team is heavily involved in disc and plastic naming. Here’s a look at the first three discs in the Prepper Line to be PDGA approved.


— The Look of the Future

We’re excited about the Bleak putter, a beadless, straight-flying putter that is very easy to control. We are happy with how neutral it flies, with just a slight touch of turn. We will introduce the Bleak in both base plastic and premium plastic, as well as in a 6-disc set for people who want to start with a stack of putters for practice.  It was approved by the PDGA on May 16th, 2022 and is allowed up to 174.3 grams in weight, based on it’s slightly small diameter of 21 centimeters.

FLIGHT NUMBERS — Will be evaluated and decided by Team Doomsday.


— Embrace it. Wallow in it.

The Despair mid-range is a comfortable disc with only slight fade meant to be comparable to many of the popular mids in the market, like a cross between a Buzzz and a Roc (no bead). It should be a disc that can act as a workhorse approach mid in the bag for players of any skill level. It will be released in both base plastic and premium plastic. It was approved by the PDGA on May 16th, 2022 and is allowed in weights up to 177.6 grams, since it has a diameter of 21.4 centimeters.

FLIGHT NUMBERS — Will be evaluated and decided by Team Doomsday.


— Life isn’t fair.

The Dystopia is a slightly overstable driver that has a speed right between fairway and distance driver. For experienced players, it may handle more like a control driver. For newer players, it could stand alone as their distance driver. It is being run in base plastic with a more straight-flying result, as well as in premium plastic, which results in more end-fade. It was approved by the PDGA on May 16th, 2022 and is allowed up to 177.6 grams, since it has a diameter of 21.4 centimeters, which is slightly larger than many other drivers on the market.

FLIGHT NUMBERS — Will be evaluated and decided by Team Doomsday.

A Note on Manufacturing Partners and Doomsday Discs lines:

Doomsday discs is currently working with five different manufacturing partners for different disc lines. We believe diversity is important to be prepared for the coming societal collapse. Some of those partners had never made discs before, until we started working with them. The Prepper Line is a line of unique molds designed by us in partnership with an existing, lesser-known disc manufacturer overseas. That allows us to get from concept to finished product rather quickly, since the manufacturer can bring their experience to the table. Discs in the Prepper Line, as well as possible discs in other experimental lines, will likely be made by this manufacturer in order to keep the plastic blends and production consistent within the basic disc lineup.

In contrast, Discs in The Catastrophic Line are made in the USA where we more directly interact with the manufacturers during the entire process, from mold design to plastic blending, to disc prototyping, etc. These manufacturers are learning the art of disc-making along with us.

Discs in The Conspiracy Line are made overseas in a country that has never made discs before, to our knowledge. It’s a completely new frontier, and the Flat Earth mid-range was recently approved by the PDGA as the first disc in this line.

Discs in The Munitions Line are being made by multiple manufactures, since this is a line of more experimental, utility discs. Some may not make it through the PDGA approval process, but will be manufactured anyway since we want to continue exploring the limitations of disc design. If they pass the PDGA standards, great. If they don’t, they’ll still be a handy munitions in recreational bags and can be utilized after the apocalypse when nobody is governing the game anymore.


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